Ending Thoughts

Hello All! And SO we come to the final post of Enter Ophelia. In this last post, I would like to discuss what I have learned from this blog and this class. This blog began as a blog where I could explore deeper into women’s issues and voices relating to the historical events discussed in class and read in assigned books. However, what I loved most about this class — and Dr. Sherman– is how my ideas grew and changed as a result of this class. While this blog began as venue for a select voice, it ended as a place where all voices – genders, races, age- could be heard. I think that is what I have learned most through this class – that everyone has an individual voice and individual experience. One of the great problems in academia and discussions in general is how to examine a population in terms of individuals. I have had such an amazing time delving deeper into the personal stories of some incredible individuals who lived under extraodinary circumstances – circumstances which were to them, just their daily lives. 



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