Blond hair is for Whores

“Dyeing or bleaching your hair blond is a reprehensible practice that does vilence to nature and offends the Supreme Author who gave you the color you have….blond hair is good for whores, dark for proper matrons” – “How to Do It

Bleaching hair, during the Renaissance, was considered by some to be “vanity”, one of the seven deadly sins. Yet according to “realm of Venice”, a website dedicated to fashion during the Renaissance period, bleached blond hair was highly sought after by certain Venetian royalty. Blond was associated with royalty, and if Venetian royal women did not possess blonde hair naturally, they sought other methods to obtain it.  The Recipe? 

To five glasses of Fountain water, add Alome-Foeces, one ounce, Soap, three ounces, Barley Straw, one handful.  Let them boil in earthen pots, till two thirds be boiled away.  Then let it settle.  Strain the water with the ashes, adding to every glass of water, pure Honey one ounce.  Set it up for your use.”


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