Overseen on Facebook:

“Truth:  All the good guys really are taken *sighs*”  
Commenter: NOOOOOOO!! 
Commenter: I keep telling myself he’s still out there……
Commenter: not all of them are…… 
     Perhaps what these girls need is a harsh transportation back to the reality of circa 500, when this “shortage” they complain about was not the problem. It was rather a shortage in wives that existed. 
   After all, the problem these young girls are discussing is a simple economic one; one of supply and demand. The supply of “good guys” is, according to this one poster, less then the high demand for said “good guys”. And her friends appear to agree. Well, most of them do anyway. 
   If this was ever a problem ancient Europe, the Barbarians solved it by making it so the term “good” was silmutaneous with the term “woman”. A guy just wanted a wife – any wife – because thanks to Polygamy, wives were pretty hard to come by.  Now this would perhaps create a over abundance for some, and a lack of any for others. And so it was women that became more valuable during this time period. There was no term, (presumably) “old maid” – perhaps that was switched out for “old man” – a guy who couldn’t afford a wife, or else  (GASP) couldn’t find one. 
    Today’s example of polygamy is on TLC’s show “Sister Wives”, which follows the escapades of  Cody Brown and his four wives – Robyn, and those three other blondes he’s married to.  They weep and sob often over their jealousy and have fights over Cody, ultimately proclaiming their love for each other. Always, the show ends with some tag line of how their marriage works because they “love each other”. The show opening includes an individual statement from each wife, explaining why she (Robin, Meri, Christine, Janelle) chose this life. 
    Even in today’s culture, the polygamy practiced asserts it’s individual, free choice. Each women of the Brown family chose to be there. Though they have created a community together, they still assert it was their individual choice to live this lifestyle. In the Barbarian culture, such individuality did not exist. A woman did not choose polygamy for her own personal reasons. It is a structure she entered into because her culture practiced it. 
     Similarly, a man’s reason for taking his wife was also based on cultural influence rather then individual choice.  His culture practiced polygamy, and in such a culture where the woman were scarce, he might sometimes have married, not because she was the last “good” girl out there- maybe she was the last girl out there. Period. 

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