Tools of revenge

Reading Medea, the question foremost in my mind, and perhaps anyone’s mind, is why would a mother kill her children?

After reading this article, the main reasons encountered for mother’s to kill her children, is as some vengeance to the father. In Physchologytoday, Joni E. Johnston writes of Lisette Bamenga, a mother convicted of killing her children;

“She believed her husband had cheated on her and gotten his lover pregnant.  A note beside the bodies read, “You got what you wanted.  The kids and I are in a better place.”

This same mindset is seen in Medea, as the title character uses her children to revenge her husbands actions. Speaking of killing her children, Medea states:

“I will slay them-I, the mother that bare them.”

Here is a correlation between the mother of old and the mother of modern day. Both women had been wronged by their husbands who had taken new lovers. In both cases, the mother’s then use their children for revenge, Bamenga through killing her children, and Medea through lacing them with poison so as to poison her husband’s new lover.

So here we have, two instances which span across centuries, of two mothers  using their children as  tools for revenge.

Any one out there have any good psychological that would further help understand what drives the mother to a point where she can kill that which she bore?



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